En tanke..

My my my...

I'm looking at you, watching me
And I'm thinking;
What did I do?
I'm listening to you, talking to me
And I'm wondering;
What's on your mind?
You are answering me, questioning you
And you're replying;
What can I do?
All i can come up with is;
I don't know...
Because, truth to be told
I never thought of it
It never crossed my mind
I never wished for it
I never wanted that to become a reality
Truth to be told
I was hoping you would have told me a different secret
Truth to be told
I was hoping you didn't remember me
Truth to be told
I'm not sure that I even know you

Are you still the same person I once knew?
I doubt that
I'm not the same person you once knew!
I grew up
I've had my share of dificulties
I even think I've had a lot of peoples share of dificulties
Is it even my fault if all that bad stuff happens to me?
I doubt that
I don't have anything to do with you, him or they
But they obviously have something to do with me
I didn't even know what happened

I thought you left me
So don't come back asking me for favours
If can help my friends I will
But do not come asking me for favours
Because I do not know you
You are a stranger to me
And if I had to help all the strangers in this world
It would surely kill me
There are way to many strangers in this world

I don't even know you
You said you left me for a reason
Well, don't come back then
I don't know you no more
I moved on with my life
I left you behind
I don't want you here no more
Just leave me alone
That was the favour you asked me for
Can't you do the same?


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